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The Products BKOYIA Offers You

BKOYIA is a leading manufacturer specializing in the development and production of wooden doors. Our commitment to quality has made us a global supplier of wooden door solutions.

BKOYIA products have various styles. Choose the corresponding products according to your budget. We will ensure the quality and raise your profits to a higher level.

PVC door

The PVC range blends the elegance of wood with the durability of PVC, ensuring a stylish, low-maintenance entrance that will stand the test of time. Embrace innovation and let our product range redefine your environment


melamine Door

The collection is eco-friendly and low to mid-budget. The interior is made of wood blocks and the exterior is made of MDF and melamine paper. If you are decorating your home or hotel, he will be your best choice

melamine door-BM-140
melamine door-BM-142
melamine door-BM-140

Solid Wood Door

This series has good environmental protection, high budget, and high-end series. The interior is made of wood blocks and the exterior is made of MDF spray paint. If you are decorating a villa, it will be your best choice.

Solid Wood Door-BS-278
Solid Wood Door-BS-278
Solid Wood Door-BS-278

Whole house customization

Personalized design: The whole-house customization service provides a one-stop solution and carries out personalized design according to the customer’s specific needs and space characteristics to ensure that each product can perfectly match the customer’s lifestyle and aesthetics.

Real photos of wardrobe
Real photos of cabinets
Real photos of wine cabinet

Wooden door customization service

We provide 3 wooden door series: the standard size is 2100mm*900mm*200mm, which will fit the size of most areas.

In addition to our standard products, we are also proud to offer customized services tailored to individual processing requirements. Customize your own according to the size, style and material you provide.

Custom style

Tailor your door’s style to match your vision. From modern to classic, we craft doors that uniquely embody your personal aesthetic

Custom size

Every space deserves a perfect fit. We customize door sizes to meet your specific dimensions, ensuring flawless integration into your home or office

Custom hardware

Choose your hardware to enhance your door. Choose from a range of high-quality door locks and hinges to add the finishing touches to your design

Cabinet customization service

In addition to our standard products, we are also proud to offer customized services tailored to individual processing requirements. Customize your own according to the size, style and material you provide.

Drawing customization

Our whole-house customization service starts with your imagination and transforms every inch of space into a personalized work of art through professional drawing customization. From initial conception to detailed implementation, our thoughtful design team ensures every step is closely aligned with your expectations, making your home not just a place to live, but a statement of your personality.

Selection of color

With our whole-home customization service, color selection is no longer a problem. Whether you prefer warm, cozy pastels or statement-making brights, we have a variety of color options to help you create a unique living environment. Let’s explore the infinite possibilities of color together and transform your home into a true haven for the soul.

Hardware selection

Good hardware is the finishing touch to the whole house customization. We understand that the choice of hardware has a crucial impact on the functionality and durability of furniture. Therefore, we have carefully selected a series of high-quality hardware accessories for you, from handles to hinges, each piece is carefully crafted to enhance the comfort and practicality of your home. Choose our whole-house customization and enjoy a quality of life where details come first.


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Production process to protect your quality

BKOYIA will produce high-quality, low-price production and operation models for customers, ensuring your quality while improving the quality of your products.

Woodworking cutting machine

1.Precise cutting: The cutting machine can cut wood or boards to predetermined dimensions very accurately, including plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), solid wood boards, etc.

2.Efficiency improvement: The use of cutting machines can significantly improve production efficiency. It can quickly process a large amount of materials and has good repeatability, ensuring consistency when making multiple pieces of the same product.

3.Reduce waste: Through precise calculation and cutting, the cutting machine helps reduce the waste of materials, making the use of raw materials more economical and environmentally friendly.

4.Improve safety: Compared with manual cutting, the cutting machine has fixed operating procedures and safety protection measures, which can reduce the risk of injury during work.

5.Versatility: Modern cutting machines usually have multiple functions, such as sawing, milling, drilling, etc. One machine can meet various process requirements for wardrobe production.

10 knowledge points about wooden door edge sealing

  1. 10 knowledge points about wooden door edge sealing

    PUR edge sealing technology: Use PUR edge sealing glue to provide stronger adhesion, ensure the firmness and durability of the edge sealing, and effectively prevent cracking and falling off of the door edge.

    Waterproof and moisture-proof: The edge sealing treatment can effectively prevent moisture and moisture from intruding into the interior of the door, reducing the risk of the wooden door deforming due to water absorption and expansion.

    Improved durability: Good edge sealing can protect the door edges from damage and extend the service life of the door.

    Improved aesthetics: Fine edge sealing can make the appearance of wooden doors neater and more beautiful, improving the overall decoration style.

    Easy maintenance: The surface of the wooden door after edge sealing is smoother, making it easier to clean and maintain.

    Environmental adaptability: High-quality edge sealing materials and technologies can enable wooden doors to better adapt to various environmental changes, including fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

    Color and material matching: The diversity of edge sealing materials can ensure a perfect match with the color and material of the wooden door body, maintaining the unity of the design.

    Sound isolation: Edge sealing is not only a visual requirement, it can also provide a certain sound isolation effect and increase privacy.

    Environmentally friendly and healthy: Use non-toxic, environmentally friendly edge sealing materials to ensure a healthy indoor environment, especially suitable for places with high environmental requirements such as homes and schools.

    Customized services: Provide customized edge sealing services. According to the specific needs of customers, the most suitable edge sealing materials and technologies are selected to meet personalized decoration styles and functional requirements.

What are the advantages of ecological doors?

What are the advantages of ecological doors?
Harmicis to the human body:
The ecological door is a product derived from the concept of ecological homes. The key to ecological home is environmental protection and health. It belongs to the standard of green home. Therefore, ecological doors are harmless products of the human body.

Can recycling:
The ecological door is a door made of recyclable materials. This kind of material has no harm to nature, thereby reducing the pollution of the ecological environment and conforming to the concept of sustainable development and protecting the ecological environment.

The shape is simple and beautiful:
Compared with the traditional wooden door color style, the style of the ecological door is novel, the color is diverse, and it is suitable for the current popular modern style, minimalist style, minimalist style and so on.

Environmental health:
The ecological door eliminates environmental protection and health issues that people worry about, and will not produce harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toxic glue, and paint that may contain wood products.

More practicality:
Ecological doors of fire prevention, corrosion resistance, good sealing, and never fade can provide consumers with more practical functions. For home life, they can better enjoy the beauty and practicality of the ecological door.

Precise detail work

  1. Design & Planning: Hand cutting begins with detailed design drawings that include the exact size and shape of all wood components.

    Choose the right material: Pick the right wood type, such as solid wood, plywood, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF), based on your drawings and project needs.

    Measure and Mark: Precisely measure and mark cut lines and drill holes on the wood.

    Cutting the wood: Using a manual saw, such as a hand saw or a power saw, cut the wood along the marked lines.

    Sand the edges: After cutting, use sandpaper to hand-sand the edges to ensure they are smooth and burr-free.

    Drilling: If necessary, drill holes at the marked locations according to the drawing to prepare for assembly.

    Inspection and Adjustment: Inspect each component to ensure accurate dimensions and make adjustments if necessary.

    Assembly: Assemble all parts according to the design drawings, which may require the use of screws, nails, or adhesives.

    Personalized customization: Manual cutting allows carpenters to customize material size and shape according to specific design requirements to adapt to specific design and space needs.

    Fine workmanship: Hand cutting can often handle the details of the wood such as edges and joints more carefully, providing a more precise workmanship.

    Design Flexibility: Hand cutting opens up the possibility for complex or non-standard designs, especially important when creating one-of-a-kind projects.

    Quality control: During the manual cutting process, woodworkers can monitor the quality in real time and make immediate adjustments to any parts that do not meet the requirements.

    Material preservation: Manual cutting helps reduce material waste and utilize raw materials more efficiently because materials can be cut exactly as needed.

    No high-end equipment required: Manual cutting does not rely on high-end machinery and equipment, which lowers the cost and technical threshold for small-scale carpentry workshops or personal projects.

The crashing door

  1. Preparation:

    • Door preparation involves choosing suitable wood and crafting the required door panels.
    • Surface preparation ensures the door’s surface is smooth and free from impurities for effective coating adhesion​​.
  2. Primer Application:

    • A primer coat is applied to the door’s surface to enhance adhesion, level the surface, and protect the wood from water absorption and corrosion​​.
  3. Sanding and Coating:

    • Post-priming, the door is sanded to smooth the surface before applying paint.
    • Painting involves using spray or brush techniques, often applying multiple layers with sanding and cleaning between coats for a smooth finish​​.
  4. Drying and Curing:

    • The door is placed in a controlled-temperature drying room to remove moisture from the paint layers.
    • A curing chamber is used post-drying to enhance the durability and quality of the coating​​.
  5. Finishing Touches:

    • After curing, the door undergoes fine sanding and polishing to ensure an even surface and enhance its gloss.
    • The final finish, whether it be a rich varnish or a vibrant paint, accentuates the material’s beauty and design nuances​​​​.
  6. Quality Control and Delivery:

    • The finished door undergoes inspection and quality control checks to ensure it meets color, texture, and gloss standards.
    • Once it passes inspection, the door is packaged and prepared for delivery to customers or distributors​​.

Advantages of the paint door

  1. Cleaning and Inspection: Before packaging, make sure the wooden door surface is clean and dust-free and inspect for any damage or defects.

    Protect edges: Use foam or plastic corner protectors to cover all four edges of the door to prevent damage during shipping.

    Packaging materials: Choose appropriate packaging materials according to the size and weight of the door, such as foam board, bubble film or shock-proof film.

    Wrap the door body: Completely wrap the wooden door with protective materials to ensure that all sides are fully protected.

    Closed packaging: Use tape or stretch film to secure the protective material to ensure it does not come loose during transportation.

    Marking and Labeling: Clearly mark packaging with information about the contents, including warning labels such as “Fragile” and “Keep Dry.”

    Vertical storage: If possible, packed doors should be stored vertically to avoid concentrating stress on one point.

    Inspection: After completing the packaging, conduct a final inspection to ensure that all protective measures are in place and the packaging is intact.

    Packing: For extra protection, packed doors can be placed in a cardboard or wooden box.

    Shipping Preparation: Make sure the packaged door is placed securely on the shipping vehicle to avoid movement and collision.


  1. Package Inspection: Upon opening the package, inspect all components for damage during transit. Missing or damaged parts can affect the door’s integrity and appearance.

  2. Correct Assembly: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for joining the frame accurately to ensure structural stability and proper door operation.

  3. Stable Foundation: When standing the frame, make sure it is level and plumb. An uneven frame can lead to issues with door alignment and closing.

  4. Secure Installation: Confirm that the frame is securely fastened to the wall opening with appropriate fixtures. Inadequate fixation can result in a safety hazard.

  5. Sealant Application: Install rubber seal strips correctly to provide insulation and protection from water and air leaks, which could otherwise lead to energy loss and damage.

  6. Door Leaf Alignment: Ensure that the door leaf is properly installed within the frame, with even gaps on all sides for smooth operation and to prevent sticking.

  7. Architrave Fitting: Fit the architraves carefully to cover the gap between the frame and the wall, preventing drafts and enhancing the door’s appearance.

  8. Lock Mechanism: Install the lock mechanism precisely as misalignment can compromise security and functionality.

  9. Finishing Touches: After sealing with glue, clean any excess or spills immediately to prevent damage to the door’s finish and to maintain a clean, professional look.

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